How to install offline map


You have some ways to download install map at your AFT application.

1. Download map manually from Internet (for lonely players)
Every person in session prepare and download maps themselves

2. Create session with dedicated offline map (for scenarios)
One person share map with other session players

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Download map manually from Internet

The easiest way to install offline map is manual download it from URL path. At example below

Step 1. Open application menu, and tap on the 'Change map' option.
Step 2. Airsoft Force Tracking will display you list of available maps. Please tap on 'Offline Maps Manager'.
Step 3. Type URL adress of your offline map. Be sure that somebody uploaded this map into Internet before ;). You have to point ZIP file (other file extensions will not work). Please note that URL address contains already 'http://www' prefix.
Step 4. Tap on 'Download this map' button. Before you do that, be sure that you trust this zip file. DONT INSTALL offline maps from untrusted sources. They can contain viruses.
Step 5. Airsoft Force Tracking will start downloading. It can take some minutes (depending to ZIP file size). Note that AFT use your current internet connection (WIFI/GSM).
Step 6. Your map is downloaded and installed into Airsoft Force Tracking application. Installed application you can see at list below. You can remove unused maps by pressing red cross icon.
Step 7. Now you can run offline map mode. AFT will read tiles from your ZIP file.
Step 8. View into '' tiles. Fragment of Normandy coast.


Create session with dedicated offline map

Step 1. Please open 'Session' tab and press 'Create new session' button.
Step 2. Press 'show more', to see additional session options.
Step 3. Press optional parameters like name and session description. Now you can also type web address of dedicated offline map for this session. You have to point to ZIP file. Please note that application will add 'http://www' prefix. Remember that you take responsibility for this map file (you are responsible for user security, eg. viruses)

Please press 'Create new session' button.

Step 4. Application will create new session and return session number to you. Please remember this number.
Step 5. Press 'Join to session' at Session tab.
Step 6. At Join to session screen, plase type your session ID, session password, and your user name. After that please press 'Join to session' button.
Step 7. After join to session, AFT will suggest you, that session owner add dedicated map to this session (map from Step3). You can download this map here. If you trust offline map source, please press 'Download map' button.
Step 8. Airsoft Force Tracking application, will download and install dedicated offline map.
Step 9. Now you can just select offline map mode.
Step 10. View into '' tiles. Fragment of Normandy coast.