How to create offline map



welcome at short tutorial "How to create offline map for Airsoft Force Tracking application". Sorry for my english. I'm programmer, not a linguist ;). Below you can find 12 short steps to prepare fully functional offline map for AFT. Whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes.


Step 1. At first, we have to download application to prepare offline maps. We will use free Mobile Atlas Creator (MAC). You can download it from webpage:

At Mobile Atlas Creator webpage press download button. Wait some seconds and accept downloading process.

Step 2. Please unpack downloaded Mobile Atlas Creator archive. After that, please run "Mobile Atlas Creator.exe" application

Step 3. During first start, MAC will ask you, what type of offline maps you want to prepare. Just select "Osmdroid ZIP" (this is very important!) and press OK.
Step 4. Application will show you main window of Mobile Atlas Creator. Below you can see screenshot from version 1.9.16 (April 2014).
Step 5. At left to corner (section "Map Source") you can change source of your offline maps.
Step 6. Select map frament for your offline map. Just left click on map and drag, drawing pink rectangle.
Step 7. At section "Zoom Levels" select what zoom levels you want to add to your offline map. Value 1 means "Earth View', value 18 is very detailed (about 10x10 meters).

Step 8. Press "Add selection". MAC will add selected tiles with selected zoom levels to your Atlas.
Step 9. Click on "Create Atlas" button.
Step 10. Application will start downloading selected tiles into your atlas
Step 11. After some minutes, just press "Open Atlas Folder" button.

This is your Offline Map file.

Step 12. We have to change one more thing in this file. Just open it in archive reader (WinZip, WinRar, 7Zip). You will see one directory with name of selected MapSource. Please change this directory name into "AirsoftForceTracking" (without this name, AFT will not find your offline map).


Your offline map is ready. You can rename this file and send it into your map server.



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